Breast milk vs. other milk

According to a number of studies published on a public medical site otherwise known as “” all infant formulas contain excessive amounts of toxic aluminium which can be potentially harmful to babies. There is currently no link to prove this statement is true, however, lowering the amount of aluminium in formulas has been suggested by the experts.

One of the studies that examined infant formulas can be found here.

There has also been an article published by the NHS addressing the same issues.

In another study a comparison was made to show different levels of aluminium in human milk, cow’s milk and infant formula. It is well known that aluminium is neurotoxic and contamination of milk formulas has been implicated as the source of accumulation in bone and brain tissues. This is a major concern for babies and their long-term health.

The study showed that the level of toxic aluminium is sometimes 200% to 300% higher than what is found in human milk. It is certainly something to bare in mind if you consider giving your newborn infant formula believing it is as good as human milk.

The result of this study showed that aluminium concentration was lowest in human milk (23.4 +/- 9.6 microg/l), and did not differ significantly between colostrum, intermediate-stage and mature-stage milk. Mean aluminium concentration was 70 microg/l in cow’s milk, and 226 microg/l in reconstituted infant formulas.

Aluminium concentrations in infant formulas differed markedly among manufacturers; concentration in milk from one of the manufacturers was particularly high (mean, 551 microg/l; range, 302-1149 microg/l). These values are for milk reconstituted with aluminium-free water under laboratory conditions; formulas prepared with tap water had even higher aluminum content. Experiments showed that aluminium concentration in the high-aluminum milk could be reduced by more than 70% at the manufacturing stage.

In conclusion breastfeeding is the best way to protect your babies and give them the best start in life. If you have to use infant formula then the research suggests you do not use tap water because it increases the level of toxic aluminium in your baby’s meals.

The study in question can be found here;

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